Bloody Secrets


Bloody Secrets (1998)

by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

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Miami P.I. Lupe Solano has been called “funny, sexy, and Miami-smart” by Nelson DeMille, and “an absolute joy” by The Miami Herald. Now the celebrated sleuth returns. In a sweeping story that takes readers from the last days of Batista’s Havana, to the Guantanamo Bay refugee camp, to Miami’s high society, Lupe takes the case of a balsero-a refugee who escaped Cuba by raft. Luis is a drifter living in a flophouse, but he claims Miami’s most prominent Cuban couple has robbed his family and arranged for his murder. Lupe is instantly drawn to Luis, and his sense of honor. But the case becomes troubling when innocent people are killed and when her feelings for her client become more than professional. A page-turning mystery, a remarkable glimpse into the lives of all strata of Cuban-American society, and a fascinating look into the moral quandaries an investigator faces, Bloody Secrets is Garcia-Aguilera’s boldest achievement yet.