Figure of Eight


Figure of Eight (2000)

by Patrick Lynch

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Ellen Cusack, a former Olympic skating star, is twenty-five years old and newly separated from her Hollywood businessman husband. With her dreams of a happy marriage and children fading, she contemplates restarting her career when she begins to receive hate mail from someone who calls himself “the Ice Man.” Soon the mail turns into phone calls in the middle of the night . . . a whispering, menacing voice . . . and then the stranger threatens that he is going to “change her life.” Ellen hires a suave private investigator, Pete Golding, after gardeners digging in her yard find the body of a young woman sitting in a makeshift grave wearing a ski jacket and glasses. The tension mounts when Ellen receives an alarming videotape in the mail showing a little girl in a blue dress who looks exactly like her. Who could be after her and why? Figure of Eight is a great achievement for Patrick Lynch, showcasing his talent for crafting plots that span a broad canvas of events and pulling them together in a tightly woven, suspenseful narrative.