Invisible Armies


Invisible Armies (2006)

by Jon Evans

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Danielle came to India to find herself. Then she agreed to deliver a passport for her ex-boyfriend, legendary computer hacker Keiran Kell. It seemed like a simple favor for a friend – until she was abducted by thugs and imprisoned in a nightmarish cell.
She is soon joined by another captive: Laurent, a Foreign Legionnaire turned international activist. Their daring escape is only the beginning. Now Danielle has been drawn into a war between a transnational mining company that is poisoning thousands of Third World farmers, and the invisible armies of anti-corporate protestors who oppose it. A cause, finally, that she can believe in.
Amidst a whirlwind romance on the Goa coast, bloody street battles in Paris, cyberspace duels between shadowy hackers, and a bomb gone wrong in London, Danielle, Laurent and Keiran grow more deeply involved in this battle than they ever expected … until the line between right and wrong begins to blur. For