Killer Solo


Killer Solo (2003)

by David Hiltbrand

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When the big bands are getting out of control on the road, it’s time to call in Jim McNamara. A former record company insider turned insurance investigator specializing in hard case rockers, McNamara’s always waiting backstage for the next catastrophe to occur — whether it’s a hotel fire or an OD’d groupie. So when a roadie takes a fatal swan dive off a catwalk during Shirley Slaughterhouse’s already controversial tour, McNamara’s on the case. But Shirley’s ticked off just too many people — including the fanatical minister who’s dogging the band’s every step — for his bad luck to be accidental. There are too many guns and drugs floating around. And something’s causing Shirley’s strange young girlfriend to come apart at the seams. As far as Jim’s concerned, this is not “only rock ‘n roll” … it’s murder. And if he steps between the lead singer and a killer, McNamara may wind up the morgue’s next big headline act.