Leave a Candle Burning


Leave a Candle Burning (2006)

by Lori Wick

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Beloved Doc MacKay has left Tucker Mills to retire to warmer climes, but he gladly leaves the town’s health in the capable hands of Dannan MacKay, his nephew. The townsfolk welcome Dannan, but the widowed physician desperately misses his young daughter, who is staying with an aunt while he settles into his new life. When Dannan and his daughter are finally reunited, life feels right again, but only for awhile. Dannan cannot ignore the deep heartache of loneliness, and for the first time since his wife’s death, he wonders if it is time to love again. But does he have enough faith to believe in a second chance? True to Lori Wick’s storytelling, this final book in the series is filled with inspiration, warm characters, and a journey of hope.