Tapestry of Fortune


Tapestry of Fortunes (2013)

by Elizabeth Berg

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Cecilia Ross is a motivational speaker who encourages others to change their lives for the better. Why can’t she take her own advice? Still reeling from the death of her next-door neighbor and best friend, and freshly aware of the need to live more fully now, Cece realizes that she has to make a move – all the portentous signs seem to point in that direction.

She decides to downsize her life, which means selling her suburban Minnesota home and letting go of many of her possessions. She moves into a beautiful old house in Saint Paul, complete with a gorgeous garden, chef’s kitchen, and three housemates: Lise, the home’s owner and a divorced mother at odds with her twenty-year-old daughter; Joni, a top-notch sous chef at a first-rate restaurant with a grade A jerk of a boss; and Renie, the youngest and most mercurial of the group, who is trying to rectify a teenage mistake. These women, each feeling restless in her own way, embark on a journey together in an attempt to connect with parts of themselves long denied. For Cece, that means finding Dennis Halsinger, the college flame who now roams the world as a photographer. Despite being “the one who got away,” Dennis has never been far from Cece’s  thoughts.