The Burying Field


The Burying Field (2002)

by Kenneth Abel

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A small town in St. Tammany’s Parish, just north of New Orleans, is home to a slave burying ground, so long forgotten that it doesn’t appear on any maps. When a group of white teenagers appropriate “the burying field” for after-hours drinking, racial tensions in the area begin to rise. One night the drunken party turns violent, and the town explodes. Danny is sent to St. Tammany by a wealthy real estate developer to protect his interest in a valuable piece of property and finds himself on the wrong side of a bitter struggle over land, power, and tradition. Here, memories run deep and even the past can’t stay buried for long in the rich bayou soil. As the disquiet spreads and more bodies surface, only Danny’s determination to dig up the region’s bloody history can stop a cycle of fear and hatred that seems to be as old as the land itself.