The Courier


The Courier (2003)

by Jay MacLarty

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The Courier’s Motto: the package always arrives unopened, undamaged, and in one piece.

But the courier may not be so lucky.

Simon Leonidovich is an average-looking guy, with a disarming smile and more frequent-flyer miles than most airline pilots. He’s a high-tech, international courier of “packages” that range from priceless works of art to human organs and nuclear materials. When he accepts a contract to make a pickup at a small laboratory in Sweden, it seems like another easy job — until someone sets him up for a fall.

Suddenly, he’s on the run, trying to protect secret data that could save the lives of millions and destroy an international corporate merger. The police want him for a murder; a psychotic hired killer wants him for the package and the pleasure of killing; and Simon just wants to survive….