The Last Goodbye


The Last Goodbye (2004)

by Reed Arvin

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Jack Hammond is a lawyer and an honorable man with a weakness for a pretty face — a fatal flaw that has already destroyed his reputation, his position with an elite law firm … and the life of a beautiful woman. Now barely getting by as the court-appointed attorney of petty thieves and small-time drug dealers, he struggles to keep hisemotions in check — until a friend and former addict is found dead with a syringe in his arm.

Where the police see just another junkie overdose, Jack sees a murder. And his investigation is leading him into the dead man’s strange obsession with spellbinding singer Michele Sonnier, one half of Atlanta’s most popular power couple — a dangerous passion the attorney is soon making his own. But entering the secret world of the dazzling, deeply troubled star is pulling Jack inexorably toward another fall from grace — one that could prove more shocking, devastating, and lethal than the one before.