What Now, King Lear


What Now, King Lear (2001)

by Alistair Boyle

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When a self-made Texas tycoon is murdered, the obvious suspects are any of his three daughters and their husbands; kids who are suing their own father for access to their “rightful inheritance” the division of a billion dollars.

Gil Yates (aka Malvin Stark), the dual-personality PI who secretly specializes in the mega-rich, is hired by the stunning widow to find the killer.

The billionaires will stipulates in the event of foul play the estate is not to be divided until the crime is solved. The widow thinks the murderer is one of the kids. The kids think it is their widowed stepmother, their father’s third wife.

Spoiled rich kids greedy enough to kill? A pampered young wife trying to get even? Switches and surprises abound in this, the exciting sixth installment of the Gil Yates series.